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Nature Conservation

Orange Grove Farm’s entire operation is based on sound environmental and conservation practices. This covers a wide spectrum, from the implementation of a conservation management plan, with ongoing monitoring of water quality and rainfall, to soil erosion and vegetation cover.

We also ensure the environmentally friendly solid waste disposal of our human footprint.

Sustainability at Orange Grove is all about creating a company that can show meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environment, and the communities that surround our operations. We believe all businesses can take less and give more, and we seek to do this through our daily actions, big and small, and we all consciously seek ways to leave a positive legacy for the earth.

Orange Grove Farm is a remarkable meeting place for the floras of the Karoo, Renosterveld and high mountain vegetation, with the various fynbos strata as our common denominator.

Orange Grove farm is rich in natural beauty. The property is largely covered in mountain fynbos and houses various Protea species. Along with the stunning veld the property also is home to the Breede or Burchells River Redfin, a fish endemic to this specific area.

The farm has a strong conservation ethos, where there is a proactive drive towards protecting the biodiversity on the property. It is well known that alien vegetation is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity because of its impact on water resources, frequency and intensity of fires and competition with indigenous vegetation.

There has been an on-going effort to remove aliens (such as the Pine species, Eucalyptus and Golden Wattle) from the watercourses and other sensitive areas on the farm. The arable farming footprint is only about 50 hectares and we are committed to biodiversity conservation and aim to leave the largest portion of the property in its natural state.